January 24, 2011

Eatin' Fancyyy

Charleston is a town in which to enjoy wonderful food - gourmet to the finest southern cuisine.  And, it is likely that the gourmet will have a flare of the South.

I am a lover of delicious food!  I could never be a vegetarian.  Living on the coast my entire live (except those four years of college), I have been spoiled on fresh seafood.  I didn't realize how much it was part of my daily weekly diet, until I went to college.  I enjoy juicy hamburgers and venison (deer) burgers.  Also, I am a lover of all things Italian.
I most stop now, I am getting hungry!

Almost all the restaurants in town were offering such great deals I couldn't help but take advantage of them more than once!

Last weekend, a small group of us went to Red's last weekend.  I forgot to take pictures, so I did my best to get find some class to what we had.
The deal: 2 for $30, two people for $30
First Course: Bucket of Domestic Beer or a Bottle of Wine
One Bucket of Bud Light...please and thank you
Second Course: Appetizer to Share - Ahi Tuna

Third Course: Choose of Two Entrees - Fried Shrimp
(no cool picture of fried shrimp...sorryyy!)

All of that for $15 a person! Holllaaa! That's better than the Senior Citizen discount at Sunday brunch.

And for the main event of the week - Hall's Chophouse.
Before dinner, my roommate, our friend Sarah, and I got drinks at a new bar - The Belmont - on King Street.  This high-end, loungesque spot has a prohibition-era vibe.  They have a small projector in the back playing old classics like Casablanca.

Now that is how a drink should be made.
My Boltin.
I don't remember all the ingredients, but I do remember it had brandy in it.  Very smooth with a hint of citrus.  And, yes that is a linen napkin!

Fresh squeezed grapefruit vodka, anyone?
The deal: 3 course meal for $30. Just to put this in perspective - the filet I got is regularly $44.  Major deal here, people!
First Course: Choice of She Crab Soup or Arugula Salad
yummyyyy...and no shell pieces
This was our "surprise" one and half course.  Our reservation was at 7:30, and we were seated shortly there after.  A friend of ours had reservations at 9:30, and got there around 9:00.  She came over to chat for a minute and noticed that we had not received our main course, yet.  She made a comment about this and our waitress was taking the order of the table beside us.  We had not clue what time it was because we were just gabbing away and honestly the fact that it had been over an hour since we ordered didn't bother us.  Next thing, we know...here comes one of the managers with these in hand.
Shrimp Cocktail
Main Course: Filet Mignon or Salmon
Best steak I have EVER had. Period.
Dessert: Chocolate Petit or Lemon Mousse
Lemon mousse with berries and macadamia cookie
You may ask, why I didn't go for the chocolate? Well, I don't really like chocolate.  I love a Reese's but only because of the peanut butter.
Since Hall's aims to please their customers and they were apparently distraught over the fact that we were not served promptly....we got free shots after paying our bills. Double WIN on the night!

Restaurant Week should be once a month!  Do your town's have a Restaurant Week?  If not, you should start one!



  1. Yum, all of that food looks AMAZING! We didn't partake in RW this go-round, but definitely will next time! Glad you had fun at GirlTalk also..I couldn't find the email to forward to you. :(

  2. Reds is one of our favorite places in Charleston (or Mt. Pleasant). We go there at least once on every trip. They have the best mixed drinks too although you can never go wrong with beer. Another greeat place in Charleston is Jestine's Kithcen. The cornbread with honey and butter is to die for.

  3. so when we went to Halls, no one liked the lemon mousse but me! i guess they were all fruit haters or something...


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