January 12, 2011


Happy Wednesday y'all!

I am very happy its Wednesday because that means the bulk of my school work is done!

As to what else I am loving this Wednesday...

I am loving Nikki Haley being inaugurated as the first female governor of South Carolina today!

I am loving my new fleece that I purchased with some leftover Christmas money.  The one I really wanted must have been the hot-ticket item this year, because it no where to be found in any (normal) size. So, I settled for a different, yet similar color.  My mom was so proud when I told her I got because it has pink accents.
This is the one I wanted.

This is the one I got.
I am loving my new planner from my agenda.  It was a little pricey to being with but with a discount on the website and an additional 10% off that I snagged after some research, it was only $20.  I got it in a chocolate color and had it personalized.
I am loving/going to love my Higher Education Law class this semester. It it being taught by the Dean of our law school.  He makes references to Animal House during class. WIN!!

I am loving this quote.  It just makes me laugh.  You just have to work with what ya got and make something of it.
Wishing everyone a Happy Wednesday...We can almost see Friday and another three day weekend for most of us!! Whooo!



  1. i love planners! i'm starting to get my syllabi's for class and have been writing in mine..nothing like a fresh, crisp, clean planner to start the year :) ha

    love that quote, too!

  2. Oh. my. gosh. you're going to love that fleece. I got one for Christmas too and never want to take it off! Can't wait to go out on Friday night! Hope you're still game. I'm going to do a WILW post too :)

  3. Oh, I love the fleece that you bought!! So cute!!

  4. I have put that fleece in my shopping cart so many times I don't know why I haven't committed to buying it yet. Must do that soon!

  5. I get so excited in the beginning of the semester when I can take all of my syllabi and write down everything in my agenda :) Thanks for the multi-way bra suggestion...I'm planning on going to Michigan Avenue this weekend and will definitely try it out!

  6. Thanks for playing along!

    I'm loving your new fleece...it looks so cozy!

  7. Oooh love the fleece! I would probably live in it during Winter time.


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