January 9, 2011

First Blogger Award: Stylish Blogger

My real life and blogger friend Megan (My Two Cents) gave me the Stylish Blogger Award. Thanks Boo!

Megan and I have been friends since before high school.  Her boyfriend and I actually graduated together.
Most of our close friends from high school have all made our to Charleston for work, grad school, and/or college.  It is so nice to have everyone back together and that we have remained close friends since leaving high school.

A few of us out one night

Here are the rules
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award to stylish bloggers you've recently discovered.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about this award.

1. Like every other child in America, I had the chicken pox around the age of four.  I remember getting them after going to the circus.  I had a very mild case of them.  Well, there was one on the middle of my forehead right above my eyes.  It drove my nuts, so of course, I had to pick at it.  This picking left me with a pretty sweet scar.  Even then, my mom was concerned about it.  She talked to my pediatrician and he said that as I grew it would move up into my hairline.  He was wrong!  It now sits near the bridge of my nose right between my eyes.  The summer before my Senior year of high school and prior to taking Senior pictures, my mom said to me that she thought I needed to go to the plastic surgeon to see about getting my scar removed.  I asked her if she was CRAZY!  "Well, Ashton, you don't want that scar in your Senior pictures...I mean you will have those pictures for the rest of your life." My response: "I will have this scar for the rest of my life, too!"

2.  I eat peanut butter by the spoonful.  I am talking tablespoons at a time.  And, it has to be JIF, creamy not crunchy.

3. I have known I wanted to go to law school since I was in elementary school.  Thinking all through high school and most of college that I wanted to become a prosecutor.  That all changed when I started taking classes for my minor, economics.  YES, people I have a sick and twisted mind! I enjoy economics, finance, and accounting.  I have decided that I want to be a tax attorney and go for yet one more year of school to get my LL.M.  A LL.M is basically a Masters of Law and specializes you in a particular area of the law.  I am so cool I want to read tax code for the rest of my life.  What is wrong with me??!!!??

4. So, I am not a very sappy, emotional girl.  I tend not to cry during love stories with the Notebook being an exception.  Even though there is no crying in baseball...
I tear up at the end of most sports movies, no matter how many times I have seen them.  I saw Remember the Titans in theaters three times and cried every time.  Don't even get me started on Rudy...
And give me a good USA, USA, USA chant...and bring on the waterworks....

5.  With my given love for sports, I was a cheerleader in high school.  I would have thrown on some pads had my mom let me.  During my last game, I took one for the team, literally.  Our squad was facing the stands.  I was on the outside of our formation.  We were not concerned about the play on the field because they were a good 30-40 yards from where we were.  Well, low and behold, we had a breakaway run down the sidelines.  The safety/cornerback is running our guy down and tackles him out of bounds....BUT who does he take out with him as well...ME!  I get nailed in my right side, legs get cut from under me, and land flat on my back.  Luckily, it was grass I was landing on and not a track.  This was near the beginning of the fourth quarter.  I blacked out and came to after a little while.  The trainer tried to check me out and get me to seat down, but I insisted on cheering the rest of the game.  Yet, I don't remember a darn thing between the time I got hit and walking off the field after shaking heads with the other team.  Injuries: minor concussion and a few bruised ribs.

6.  I am a Republican and have always been very active in politics/campaigning.  I attended the 2008 Republican National Convention as a Page.  I was on the convention floor to help out where ever I was needed - handing out signs, distracting the cameras from the crazy Ron Paul people, and advance set-up.  I also participated in various community events in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.
With Joe Wilson...Joe is my Congressman
Last night of the Convention...and yes we had to wear the scarf

There are Republicans in Hollywood.
7.  My love for Jimmy Buffett and the island life is borderline unhealthy.  I own and have read all of his books but one, Swine Not?.  Even re-read some.  My dog is named after a character in Salty Piece of Land.  I have over 90 of his songs on my iPod and I know all the words.  I didn't come on this obsession my chance...it runs in my family.  My father-daughter dance will be to "Little Miss Magic."  I am determined to locate the Port of Indecision and the Southwest of Disorder.

Atlanta, April 2009

After one or two not sure how many Boat Drinks (Atlanta, April 2009)
I would like to tag:

Jordon Tupelo Honey


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