January 10, 2011

Snow(less) Day

I apologize, now, for the randomness of this post.  First, today was suppose to be my first day back from Christmas break, but like most of you across the South, classes and work were cancelled today.  Living in Charleston means you can't leave your house when a wintery mix comes through.  Anywhere you need to go is only accessible via a bridge.  Those signs "Bridge Ices Before Road" are true.  There were close to ten accidents this morning before they closed the bridges.  I have accomplished nothing today.  I have been preoccupied with instant movies, online shopping, and Soap Network.  Though it has been nice to lay around the house today, I wish there would have been actual snow.

I would like to give a shout-out to two of my bloggy friends (both named Jen(n)) that currently have giveaways going on.  First is Jen at Slumber Designs (she also writes Bits of Truth).  She is giving away a $75 gift certificate to Emerson Made.  They offer some unique, boutique-style clothing and accessories.  I am just in love with these clutches...

Second is Jenn at Jenn's Journey.  She is giving away Bath & Body Works Wallflower set and a Starbucks gift card.  Who does love a lovely smelling abode and Starbucks??

This past weekend, I wished farewell to a friend who is starting a new journey in her life.  Kitty has accepted her dream job internship with Invisible Children in San Diego.  I wish you the best Kitty! I know you will rock at your new position.
CML, Kitty, EHood, and Me
I love the ladies of Windy!

Last but not least, the 2010-2011 college football season will be coming to a close tonight. *TEAR*  I am not excited about this because it means I will actually have to do schoolwork on Saturdays rather than watch football all day.  However, it does mean that opening day of baseball season is right around the corner.  Despite, my honest dislike of sCam Newton - yes, I do believe he accepted money to play ball - I will be pulling for Auburn in the hopes of the SEC winning a fifth straight National title.
Scammie Wammie, Weagle, Weagle...WAR DAMN EAGLE!



  1. thanks for the shoutout :)
    i need to go enter that other giveaway, those clutches are oh so pretty, love the colors of that first one.

  2. Jenn - pop on over to enter! I so need to enter yours too!! ;-)

    Happy Monday Ashton! How was your weekend?

  3. Ooohh what great giveaways! And a great way for me to discover some new blogs to feed my blog addiction! Thanks for posting these :)


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