January 20, 2011

I Wish I May...I Wish I Might...

Everyone has that one wish they make that it if could come true then all would be right with their world.
Every child wishes/dreams of going to Walt Disney World, going to see their favorite professional athlete play, seeing their favorite artist perform, or better yet meeting their favorite "superstar" in person.  I went to Walt Disney World two years ago for the first time since I was a child and was more excited than the five-year-old standing in front of me when Mickey arrived on the train to open the gates. True Story.  So maybe these still are our wishes/dreams.
As we get older (except for the big kids like myself) our wishes/dreams change.  We wish for the day when that perfect guy will come into our lives and dream of the day when we will say "I do."  We dream of owning our first house.  We look forward to having our own children.

These relatively simple wishes and dreams come true for most, but some are not given enough time to fulfill all of their wishes and dreams.  This is where two amazing non-profits have stepped in to help.

Many of you, I am sure are familiar with Make-A-Wish.  They grant wishes to children between the ages of two and half and eighteen who have life-threatening conditions.  I became actively involved with Make-A-Wish through my sorority.  Make-A-Wish is the national philanthropy of Chi Omega.

One of my sorority sisters had a younger sister who was diagnosed with cancer.  Hope was granted a wish but was having a hard time picking her wish.  So, she began asking what other children picked and how many other children needed to have their wishes granted.  When she found out that there were 155 other children in the Charlotte are that needed wishes granted, she choice that to be her wish.  Her wish was to grant the wishes of all the other children. (Wouldn't be nice if we all had that attitude!!)  Rewardingly so yet heartbreaking, Hope's wish was granted but not before she lost her battle with cancer.  Her wish is still being carried out by her family and friends...(Hope's Movie and Hope's Book)

A close family friend of mine was granted a wish a couple years back.  He is my sister's age and been in school with her since preschool.  He is a big fan of movies and wants to major in film.  His favorite actor is Tom Cruise.  He got to visit the set of Mad Money starring Katie Holmes.  So, he got to meet Tom Cruise and actually shared a bowl of ice cream with him.
Recently, I applied to be a wish granter.  I will meet with the children and their families and help them decide on a wish.  And, ultimately see the wish be granted.

There is a new wish granting organization on the block.  I just discovered this organization today, via Gal Time.  In January 2010, Wish Upon a Wedding launched.  This organization grants the wedding wishes of terminally-ill patients.  Several chapters across the country have started in just this past year and more are set to launch in the coming months.  These love stories are so touching.  Everyone should have their special day with their bride or groom.

Wish Upon a Wedding has made marriage possible for couples that otherwise might not have had the opportunity to get married.  Many of these couples have literally months or weeks to spend their happily ever after.  Why should they not be able to have a fairy tale wedding?

I did not mean to be depressing today with the thoughts of cancer and other life-threatening diseases.  But, I wanted to share these two amazing non-profits.  Someone is always fighting a harder battle than we are.

Do you know if any kids that have had wishes granted?



  1. I loved that our philanthropy was Make-A-Wish! Wish Upon a Wedding is an AWESOME idea and I would love to volunteer in any way I can!

  2. wow. i wish we all had the heart of that little girl to help SO many other people when she could have easily done one thing for herself..VERY inspirational.
    i can't wait to hear about your wish granting job, that sounds like it'd be a very rewarding, but also a heartbreaking job.


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