January 19, 2011


We are halfway there...
I wish we could have every Monday off! I think I would rather have a Monday off rather than a Friday.

As to what I am crushing on this Wednesday...

I'm loving my two new nail polishes I bought this past weekend.  I used to never paint my fingernails, until my friend Megan suggested the new taupeish/greyish color to me this fall.  Now I am addicted!  I prefer Essie to most brands.
Sew Psyched
Smokin' Hot
 I'm loving all the wonderfully, delicious food that I have been able to eat during Restaurant Week.  Tomorrow night, the girls from school are going to Halls Chophouse for dinner.  Definitely, a place I will only be able to afford during Restaurant Week, until I find Mr. Money Baggsss to date. ;-)

I'm loving that Carolina's opening weekend of baseball is in less than one month!!

I'm loving my phone date scheduled with Miss D.Brown tonight! D.Brown is my best friend from college and she moved back to Dallas in August.  She lived in Charleston last year and we had dinner at least once a week.  I miss our weekly outings to laugh, chat, and vent about grad school.  This pretty much sums up our friendship....
Senior Bar Crawl, May 2009
We like to party.
I'm loving this photographers photos.  I think they are so fun and make me want to take up dance, again.



  1. I am loving that Carolina's baseball season starts soon, too! That's one of my favorite spring/early summer hobbies- going out to the stadium to watch a game. One year when I was in college I did not miss a single home game at the Sarge and made several road trips- it was a fun year!

  2. Thanks for playing along!

    I love Essie nail polish and those colors are so pretty!

  3. I just noticed you joined my blog, yay! I have Sew Psyched and I love it! :)


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